The CorkMaster Trilogy

Our Story

From my Author Biography

The “Good life” as she calls it, had her living in places like the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Uinta Mountains of Wyoming the Midwest farming states, Glacier Park Montana and even the high desert of the Nevada sierras.  Her experience in horticulture, raising a family and with her love for wildlife and the land, she feels life has been an adventure and it’s the most rewarding occupation ever, learning to be self-sufficient and knowledgeable in the arts of, conservation, food preservation and animal husbandry.

Many of the berries, nuts and fruits are found growing wild in the areas where she has lived where they were quickly identified, utilized and made into wines, jams, syrups and dehydrated foods for winter consumption. Along with cultivating edible flowers for salads and Herbs to spice up cooking only made her artistic skills overflow into culinary skills.

She enjoyed working with children, elderly and missionary trips to 3rd world countries. Because of what I have seen in so many places so many people, traditions and cultures. I feel that with the way that the world is growing and mixing the people together into one giant melting pot we may lose some of our old traditions but with the passing down of new ways and new traditions our children will grow up to be more understanding and appreciative of the lost arts of our ancestors.